Dream comes true

Hardly to tell my feeling now.

I really cannot use any word to describe my feeling,

Thank you for giving me the opportunities..

I will cherish this big present..

Doing all the things with perseverance and determination.

I love you. I did not expect much anymore…’

thank you with my generous heart

1st Anniversary 16.05






Instead of spending a night with exhausting body ,

we choose to enjoy a beautiful sunshine in the next day morning,

Waking up at 6am, spending a whole day and building up an unforgettable memories…

What a beautiful day, to spend with the one I love..

God giving us a beautiful weather to go and play kayak,

this is my first time to play kayak with you, I didn’t expect we can work so well..

We can roll for one and half hour , from Swan river at Perth City to Mayland..

It feels so great to learn something new in a special day.

Thank you for letting me spending with you in this year…

I am expecting more and more years spending with you =]..